• Spotlight | Lorena Lopez
    Lorena works as a Community Engagement Specialist at the Field Museum. Specifically, she works to uplift programs, natural areas, and gardens in South-East Chicago and Gary, Indiana. They are working on local stories, mapping community assets, and creating natural areas while keeping in mind important historical contexts of the working areas. Lorena is the daughter… Read more: Spotlight | Lorena Lopez
  • Spotlight | Emily Rhea
    Emily discovered CSLN through Illinois Green and the Passive House community in Chicago. After studying Sustainability and Biology and holding an internship with Earthships in Taos, New Mexico, Emily cultivated an interest in building sustainability. She now works at Ecoachievers doing testing and verifications for energy ratings of buildings. Emily’s work focuses largely on giving… Read more: Spotlight | Emily Rhea
  • Spotlight | Alvyn Walker
    Alvyn first encountered ICA through a One Earth Film Festival board member when his church began hosting the film festival in 2016. Alvyn works with Leave No Veteran Behind, an educational debt relief program for Veterans, and creates close partnerships with local organizations to bring greater resources into the community. Through a partnership with his… Read more: Spotlight | Alvyn Walker