Nourish (comm)Unity is a collaborative events series designed to address competition and isolation among initiatives within the field of sustainability and climate change. Events are collaboratively by Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network members and partners that represent diverse ecological, economic, and cultural approaches to sustainability. Cross-cultural events explore how Chicago communities employ build connections through distinct focus areas. At each event, attendees experience hands-on learning activities, reflect on intersectional sustainability, and share culturally-specific meals.


Building Victory GardensBikes, Birds, and ButterfliesFRESH BronzevilleBlock Share Party
June 29th, 2019 August 15th, 2019September 21st, 2019October 19th, 2019
Partners:Garfield Park Advisory CouncilWestside Bee BoyzWindsor Park Lutheran ChurchPartners:animalia projectInstitute of Cultural AffairsPartners:Bronzeville AlliancePartners:Cambium NetworksChi Commons CoopWindsor Park Lutheran Church
Are you interested in gardening and connecting with your fellow community members? Join Building Victory Gardens! Part of the Grow America Front Yard Garden Challenge, participants at this event will learn the basics of building a raised bed with some basic instruction and hands on activity. Tech Girlz from St. Agatha’s Catholic Church and Windsor Park Lutheran Church will document the new gardens using Mapping for Humanity.Part of the Fourth Annual Uptown Garden Walk, this bike ride invites community members to explore coastal and native plants in the Uptown area. From immersive natural areas to plants thriving in urban landscapes, this ride highlights the richness of Chicago’s urban green space.
The ride starts at Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary and ends at Argyle Night Market.
Are you interested in exploring how communities create access to fresh food? Ride with us Bronzeville Alliance as we visit several neighborhood gardens and hear from young people and elders as we experience a community working to improve its health and wellness!This ride starts at Edmund Burke Elementary School on E 54th St and S Calumet Ave and finishes at Bronzeville Neighborhood Farm at E 42nd St and S Calumet Ave.Celebrate the launch of a community-based internet in South Shore! Share stories about how you communicate with your neighbors and social networks and explore the different approaches to communication technology across decades and generations.



Eco JusticeIntergenerational ConnectivityRollin’ Around TownCommunity Tech
March 31st, 2018 August 4th, 2018October 13th, 2018November 10th, 2018
Partners:Institute of Cultural AffairsAmerican Indian CenterChi Nations Youth CouncilPartners:Root Riot Urban Garden NetworkGlennArt FarmBronzeville Alliance GreenersBarrelhouse BonniPartners:We Keep You Rollin’Urban JunctureBike a BeeWorking BikesPartners:Windsor Park Lutheran ChurchChi Hack NightKola Nut Collaborative
Eco Justice examined the intersection of environmental and social justice through the lens of indigenous peoples.Melanie Eckner of Uptown Coastal Initiative gave a history lesson on Uptown’s coast, and Fawn Pochel of American Indian Center – Chicago talked about justice for nature and indigenous peoples in Chicago. Chi-Nations Youth Council led a guided walk to the lake and shared their perspectives on their relationship to the land.Intergenerational Connectivity found ways in which knowledge being passed down sustains communities.CSLN members came together with Bronzeville Alliance, Root-Riot Urban Garden Network, GlennArt Farm, and Barrelhouse Bonni to explore fruitful (and fun) ways to connect across generations in Austin’s Harambee Garden.Rollin’ Around Town explored four Chicago communities working to protect and grow local assets.CSLN members embarked on a cross-community bike tour. The trip began in Riverdale with We Keep You Rollin’ Bike & Wellness Group, visited The Forum – Bronzeville and Ain’t She Sweet Cafe’ in Bronzeville, rode to The Plant to visit Bike a Bee, and finished at Working Bikes. Participants had help from JUMP Chicago and Divvy Bikes, who both donated bikes for the event.