The Policy group’s purpose is to bridge grassroots organizing and citywide policymaking, influence decision-makers, engage with leadership at all levels, and stay current on policy discourse. The following memo was submitted to then newly elected Mayor Lori Lightfoot in 2019.

Suggestions for Citywide Sustainability Programs, Partnerships, and Policies for Chicago

Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network (CSLN) believes that sustainability is an expansive term that includes the environmental, cultural, and economic aspects necessary for communities to thrive equitably in the
long-term. We advocate for actively listening to and partnering with community residents and organizations to develop policies that are consistent with each community’s best interests. This memo outlines the five principles with which we approach our recommendations and defines seven priorities we believe should be adopted by the City of Chicago to protect, preserve, and contribute to citywide sustainability. Subsequently
we suggest actions for each priority to achieve in the Mayor’s first 100 days in office.