You are currently viewing Community Engagement at ” Raised Beds, Rooftops, Rainbarrels,” CSLN’s most recent Hub Event

On November 16th, a hub event called “Raised Beds, Rooftops, Rainbarrels,” was hosted in a joint effort by ICA GreenRise, Greenroof Solutions, Landmarks Illinois, Animalia Project, and Loud Grade Produce Squad. The aim of the event was to share knowledge and engage public in dialogue about ways to become change agents in their own communities using techniques demonstrated by local organizations. In leading raised bed and rain barrel installation demonstrations and a tour of Weiss Rooftop Garden, event coordinators engaged the audience in an interactive learning experience. Leaving the event, attendees took something tangible to assist their future action, ranging from handout materials to be in touch with presenters and seed packets to one of three raffle-prize rain barrels. Event coordinators and participants were energized by the innovative event and looked forward to future hub activities. ICA is excited to have helped the CSLN create and implement the idea of hubs and to have ICA GreenRise be a major hub on Chicago’s Northside.

Author: accele11