Core members

Invest the most time in the network and receive the most benefits.

Ally members

Similar types of activities as core; however, their less frequent involvement results in fewer benefits.

GrassTops members

Primarily interested in collaborating with the network as an institutional partner.

Core Members

Samantha Sainsbury

Program Coordinator Institute of Cultural Affairs
Photo of Samantha Sainsbury

Biographical Info

Samantha is the Program Coordinator at ICA, where she facilitates the collaborative projects and events working group of CSLN.  She is an alumnus of the Public Allies Chicago AmeriCorps program and Northwestern University. She was drawn to the ICA as an intern after learning about the participatory ways of engaging grassroots organizations in the accelerate77 project, and continues to value the realization of holistic, collaborative sustainability through the CSLN. She appreciates continuously learning about the city, the way organizations work within it, and the potential to strengthen collaborations within and across communities.

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