Ally Members

Photo of Brock Auerbach-Lynn
Brock Auerbach-Lynn
Senior Associate Mission Measurement

Brock is a Senior Associate with Mission Measurement, a Chicago-based consulting firm that helps governments, corporations, foundations, and nonprofits to develop the measurement and strategy to grow their impact. Brock previously managed energy assessment and technical assistance for the State of Illinois, as well as sustainability programs at IIT. On his own time, Brock channels his inner design strategist and environmental guru to develop sustainable practices, behaviors, and technologies. Brock is always on the lookout for new opportunities to collaborate, hence the involvement in CSLN.

Photo of Terry Bergdall
Terry Bergdall
Faculty Member ABCD Institute

Terry first worked with the ICA as a university intern and returned in 2009 with extensive international experience in community development, organizational change, project design, and evaluation. He lived and worked in Africa for 18 years where his focus was village development. He worked with the Swedish Cooperative Center as coordinator of an action-research project in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. He is pleased to be a part of CSLN because of its emphasis on community initiatives and ways that bottom-up development can creatively interact with, and influence, top-down planning and programming.

Photo of Diane Burnham
Diane Burnham
Executive Director South East Chicago Commission

Diane was recently named the new Executive Director of SECC. She brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having become a familiar face in the mid-South region of Chicago over the past four years with the organization. SECC’s sustainability programs include the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Program, supporting the One Earth Film Festival, and recently completed work on the Green Healthy Neighborhoods Land Use Plan to educate communities on vacant land and sustainability practices.

Photo of Grant Kessler
Grant Kessler
Board President Chicago Market Co-op

Grant is a Steering Committee member at Chicago Market, an organizing food co-op on Chicago’s North Side. Grant believes that change in our food system toward local and regional networks with an emphasis on diversified, sustainable farming methods can make a large impact on both human and environmental health. Grant is also a freelance food photographer and the Marketing and Outreach Manager for FamilyFarmed and their Good Food Festival & Conference.

Photo of Angela Spinazze
Angela Spinazze
Principal and Founder ATSPIN consulting

Angela is a facilitator, change agent, project manager, curator, and information architect. Her gift is organizing around technology, agility, capacity building, working with stakeholders at all levels to collaborate and realize collective change. Angela is a CSLN ally because of her desire to learn from others, to be more in touch with the earth, and to share her energy and skills to make our city more humane and natural. She supports CSLN’s values that are grounded in collaboration, advocacy for equity and public spaces, sharing solutions to shared challenges, and respecting the roles of history and culture in our communities.