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Invest the most time in the network and receive the most benefits.

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Similar types of activities as core; however, their less frequent involvement results in fewer benefits.

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Primarily interested in collaborating with the network as an institutional partner.

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Jospeh Taylor

Farmers Market Lead Urban Canopy
Photo of Jospeh Taylor

Biographical Info

Joseph currently works with the Urban Canopy, which was a natural progression from years spent years coordinating urban agriculture projects, including the aquaponic and hydroponic systems, the rooftop garden, and the compost system at the ICA GreenRise. He first became passionate about sustainability as an intern with ICA’s Summer Youth Program in 2011, when he began to learn about the delicious potential of fresh, local foods. In addition to connecting him to partners for collaborative projects, he appreciates CSLN for its collective energy that motivates him and broadens his perspectives regarding sustainability work.

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