How to Declare Membership

Everyone who identifies as a CSLN member is encouraged to declare their membership. There is no membership fee at this time. Instead, members contribute their time and talent and receive benefits in the following broad categories: tangible communication and networking, the people, partnerships and collaboration, growth and education, and collective voice/in-between space. See the full membership packet for details and examples about how members have previously engaged in those categories.

Steps to becoming a member:

  1. Attend at least one CSLN meeting or activity
  2. Review the CSLN New Member Packet
  3. Request a Membership Declaration Form
  4. Submit your completed form with photo!

Who Should Join CSLN? | Those Who....

Work in or across Chicago community areas​

Have a desire to work collaboratively with network

Respect and engage with diverse experiences, perspectives, and skills of network members​

Have or are interested in an intersectional approach to their work​​

Want to deepen their understanding of sustainability​

Want to help develop a collective voice to work collaboratively with policymakers​

Note: The network maintains a distinction between network efforts and initiatives that one specific organization or member would like to move forward. Members are welcome to bring their passions to the working groups (existing or new) and find others to work with them on it. If enough members are interested, it might become a network activity.

Review the New Member Packet

Request CSLN Membership Declaration Form

To receive the CSLN Membership Declaration Form please submit your contact information below or send an email to